Welcome to banktory.com!

banktory.com is a free-of-charge, web-based service which allows visitors to search for banks and their world-wide networks of subsidiaries and branches on the basis of geographic regions such as cities, provinces, countries or continents.

Our capturing of data has initially been limited to those banks in the Top 100 segment, i.e. those with international activities and foreign subsidiaries. The current status of the banks and branches can be found in the forum, which you can use immediately after registering.

banktory.com is constantly being expanded. The next step is to add a products and services grid which will allow searches to be optimized accordingly.

Yet, banktory.com is much more than just another search engine – the site also allows you to communicate with colleagues, to exchange experience, give or receive tips, etc.

Make banktory.com your platform and help to expand the community by telling friends and acquaintances about this service.

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